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Car Carriers Services

Shipping or transportation of a private vehicle within India or abroad needs to be handled with utmost care to prevent scratches or damage. Agarwal Movers and Packers understand the sentimental significance of one’s vehicle and treat them with all the care they deserve. If you need to transport your vehicle or car to another state or a country, then Agarwall packers and movers is the right choice. Our section APM vehicle carriers are not only reliable but extremely efficient to ensure your vehicle is transported safe and sound to its destination.

Agarwal  Movers and Packers are proud to possesses a large fleet of over 70 car carriers equipped with the latest high quality safety gadgets and devices to fix and secure your car in place. Vehicle interiors are protected with the help of specialized material. Using hydraulic ramps incorporated in our carriers, movement of vehicles are restricted. Our security system ensures safe passage of your vehicle with no room for misuse during transition. As one of the biggest and reputed car carriers in India we have been serving multinational corporate like Maruti, Hyundai, ford and Renault to name a few.

Our car carriers feature state of the art mechanics and fittings to ensure your vehicles are protected from weather and debris. We engage two separate types of carriers for regional or national transportation. Open trailers or enclosed trailers are used for two wheelers or four wheelers separately. Accompanying personnel monitor the condition of vehicles through stop checks every 150 kms. Our reputation and efficiency is based on our unique concept of pickup and delivery right from doorstep to destination without the need to even drive your car. Your car keys will be sealed in a tamper proof pouch and handed over to you with your vehicle in perfect condition.

Agarwal Home Shifting Packers and Moversis totally committed to your needs as a customer, our services bear testimony to our reputation in the market as a transportation company who truly cares.